03 July 2011

Taijiquan Cheat Sheet - Yang Lu-chan

In february I started to take Taiji (Tai Chi) lessons - the Yang Lu-chan form to be presice, and so far I have been shown the first part it.  A mere rookie in other words.

I must admit I have a hard time remembering the moves and their sequence. Therefore I made myself a little cheat sheet which I can take a peek at if I am stuck doing the form. Yes, I do not have the habit of carrying books with me for exercise, nor do I possess the skill of reading while doing thaiji. Since I need to look things up anyway, I find this sheet convinient.

The sheet is not perfect by any means, and not suitable for learning this form as a self study. An instructor is a must in my opinion. At least, you should get Erle Montaigue's book(s) that describes and explains it in great detail. The stick figures in the sheet are based on the illustrations found in this book. 

The sheet is probably full of minor mistakes - especially in the yin ang yang of the hands, so I will update and improve it continously. I welcome any feedback you might have.

Download it and use it if you like. I have only made one for part 1 so far, but will do the next parts when I get introduced to them.

Go to the sheet.