15 July 2011

The Military Expenditure in East-Asia as a Slopegraph

After reading about Slopegraphs, I really wanted to try and make my own - and it was also a good excuse to play around in R.

Since I have an interest in South-East Asia, I decided to to find some data for that area, and expenses used for the military seemed to fill the purpose. With a slightly modified R-script (originally made by David Ruau), it was a piece of cake to make the slopegraph below.

On the overall, it is easy to see that China has an almost explosive growth (surprised?). Only Japan seems to be spending less.

All numbers are in US $ million and adjusted to fit 2009 value. Countries missing either the 2000 or 2010 values are omitted.

Data source: SIPRI Military Expenditure Database

Update: Added another column to the graph showing the 2005 values. Note that several nations decreased their spending from 2000 - 2005.