26 June 2010

The Abhisit Legacy

Above is a mosaic I created of Prime Minister Abhisit of Thailand. Just click the image to get the full 3424x2284 picture, approx 5.3 MB.

The making of

The original main image was manipulated slightly with Sumo Paint. Mainly color adjustments.

The mosaic was created using AndreaMosaic.

The tiles was downloaded from flickr using Bulkr. I searched for photos using the terms "redshirts bangkok". I searched for pictures that are licensed to modify or build upon. 1143 pictures was downloaded.

The Gimp was used for some final touches.


I guess none of the photographers know I have used their pictures. Anyways, here are the people who owns the photos I downloaded to make the final mosaic. All was distributed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Main Photo

The picture of Abhisit was photographed by Sebastian Derungs.

Photos used as tiles

Pictures from the following photographers might have been included in the mosaic:

adaptorplug, al_dekleine, Amphis d'@illeurs, Anduze traveller, ayerscolleen, barryprice, brett marlow, Fredrik Thommesen, frisse82, gerrypopplestone, gordon.b.anderson, holygadzooks, isriya, izumiflowers, Jeff_Black, Karsoe, Kate Raynes-Goldie, K.rol2007, LightOnDude, macgeek800, Mike_alive, O city city, Oliver J. Fall, photodia, plasmastik, plynoi, Prachatai, Ratchaprasong, reallocalcelebrity, Sailing "Footprints: Real to Reel" (Ronn ashore), Shàoshao, singha narak, suttonhoo, Timo Kozlowski, Tom Spender, veer66 and wilth

Thanks for sharing your work!